About Austin Skyline Leadership Council

The Austin Skyline Leadership Council was formed in 2019 with the mindset to enrich the experience of tomorrow's leaders. Skyline believes in fostering growth and the council is one way to help those who are committed have a growth mindset and lead where their feet are.  The application process will start in November and information will be sent directly via email to all Skyline families.  The goals for the council are to:

  • Ensure high standards and strong work ethic on and off the volleyball court. 
  • Represent Skyline at all times in a professional manner year-round. 
  • Building team chemistry and inspiring camaraderie between players. 
  • Set the emotion and mental tone for the club, while inspiring others to rise to the Skyline standards. 
  • Act as the liaison between the team and the coaches. 
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and always communicate honestly, maturely and professionally.  
  • Talk with struggling teammates, plan team activities, and seek counsel when team issues arise. 
  • Find ways to help their team succeed under pressure and adversity.