Program Details

Austin Skyline Youth camps & clinics are designed with a wide range of skill in mind.  There is something for every skill level that every athlete can benefit from in our programs offered.

Skylites Ages 6-9
 is designed to help athletes ages 6-9 develop in all areas of volleyball and to learn the rules of the game. Athletes will learn the techniques of each skill in the sport, and put them into practice in competitive situations. This program will enhance their general knowledge of the game, as well as prepare them for our Club Prep program. Skills covered will include passing, serving, hitting, defense, setting and blocking. The goal of this program is to gain experience, get quality reps and learn the game while receiving high level feedback through creative play with our Skyline coaches. Registration is open to all current and prospective Skyline athletes. All funds are non-refundable and non-transferable.  We use a lighter ball, smaller court segments and lower nets. The program’s focal point is fun and enjoyment; at the same time developing agility, hand eye coordination, body movement and ball control work. Team play is incorporated with motor learning and skill development. 

Club Prep ages 9-12 is designed to prepare athletes to take their skills into club volleyball. This program will expand on their knowledge of the basic skills of the game, while teaching game strategy and increasing volleyball IQ. Athletes will practice in competitive situations and learn how to implement their skills in a game-like environment. Skills covered will include passing, serving, hitting, defense, setting and blocking. The goal of this program is to gain experience, get quality reps and learn the game while receiving high level feedbaAll funds are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Advanced Skill Specific Clinics/Camps are designed to have quality reps in a specific skill while receiving constant feedback from our Skyline coaches. The focuses will be refining eye-sequencing, efficient footwork, and effective communication through individual and game-like reps. The primary focuses will be developing consistency and confidence through game-like contact. Athletes tend to be split into groups based on age division and then adjusted according to skill level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Austin Skyline clinics/camps and club teams?  Clinics and camps are instructional and short term opportunities to practice a skill and are open to boys and girls regardless of club affiliation unless otherwise noted.  Although there are some game-like competitive elements participants do not compete on a team. Participants must tryout for a team in July, begin training in late November and compete against other regional or national teams for approximately 6-8 months after that.  This is not considered a recreational league.  Austin fields teams from ages 12-18 years old for girls.  Information about our tryouts process and dates are normally posted just prior to the summer.

What are the age groups for camps, clinics and private lessons? Our instructional clinics are open to participants 6-18 years old, no prior experience necessary unless noted in the description of the specific camp, clinic or lesson. We group participants according to age and/or skill level as often as it allows. We then adjust participants to the appropriate groups depending on how they progress each week. The group they will work with may vary from week to week. Our instructional clinics are designed with all skill levels in mind. We recommend our national level players seeking a more intense training regimen at a higher level to attend as many skill camps as possible.

What equipment does my child ages 6-9 have to bring to the clinics?  Any athletic attire is ok – t-shirt, shorts, leggings, etc.  Athletic shoes are required. Kneepads are highly recommended, but not required. Please make sure your child has a water bottle full to avoid having to run to the water fountain during breaks (water or sports drinks are ok) at each session.

Can my son sign up for camps and clinics?  Boys and girls are welcome at our camps and clinics unless otherwise noted. 

Where are the camps & clinics located?  Austin Skyline Camps will specify the location of each camp.  There are three main facilities we offer training out of: 

  1. Round Rock Sports Center: 2400 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock, TX 78681
  2. ​SMAC or St. Michael's Athletic Center: 3000 Barton Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78735
  3. WACC or Westlake Athletic Community Center: 4300 Westbank Dr., Austin, TX 78746