Age Division 2020-2021 Season

Preview new age definitions by USAV as of July 1, 2020 by clicking here.

Our 2020-2021 tryouts are complete for all age groups.  At this time we are looking to fill a few open positions on the following teams: 14 Molten & 13 Black.  Please see more position details below and contact to be evaluated for a position.

2020-2021 Season Tryout Dates

​​All tryouts for Austin Skyline Juniors 2020-2021 season will be at St. Michael's Academy located at 3000 Barton Creek Blvd.  An updated full list of dates and times listed by age group will be available soon.  When the dates are listed you can click here to view.


How do I sign up for tryouts?

Visit our EventScheduler by clicking here to see tryout dates and times for your age group. Dates are posted and tryouts will remain open for registration until the day of the tryout. We will accept walk-ins at tryouts, but there will be a $25 administration fee for a late sign up.

What if I miss tryouts for any reason?

If the tryout dates have passed, we occasionally have spots on our teams to fill. You can register for a supplemental tryout on our EventScheduler page.  If you know in advance you have a conflict for a tryout you will need to email us to discuss the options.  Often times we can schedule your tryout with another age group that doesn't conflict with your schedule or find another date.

How many players will Skyline carry per team?

Skyline will carry between 9-11 players on each team with the exception of 18s.  In the 18s division we can carry up to 12 per team.  If a decision needs to be made to alter this number in any age group it will not be taken lightly.  There are times we will carry 12 per team in 12-17s.

When do I have to commit to a team?

Because our tryouts consist only of one day we will ask you to commit at the completion of tryouts. If selected, you will meet with your team, coaches, and fill out necessary commitment agreements and pay an initial fee to complete your commitment to the program.

What if I am selected as an alternate?

You will know at the end of tryouts if you are selected as an alternate.  At that time, we will ask you to exit the gym and go home.  We will call you as soon as we know if a position opens up the following day or later.

What are the season fees?

Our season fees each year could vary.  Download the 2020-2021 season fees breakdown by clicking here for a guide.  Please note that our fees do not include cost for travel including hotel, flights, food, USAV membership, warm up shirts, and team shoes.  We do include a detailed breakdown of what it does and does not include at our annual parent informational meeting.  To be included in our informational meeting please fill out this contact form

Does Skyline offer financial assistance or a scholarship program?

Yes, applications are accepted, but not guaranteed.  The Skyline Scholarship Fund was created to give the opportunity to play, regardless of ability to pay.  ASJ raises money through two main fundraisers; Annual Skyline Queens Tournament and Super Bowl Squares.  In addition, the sale of sportswear, a percentage of  camps & clinics we host, and through private donations.

The money raised is distributed to player I-Skyline accounts for applicants who have submitted an application by the due date specified, demonstrated financial need by the application and support of financial documentation.

The Scholarship Committee meets in September each year to review scholarship applications and determine awards. 

2020-2021 Team Selections/Needs

18 Royal - Team is Full

18 Black - Team is Full

17 Royal - Team is Full

17 Black - Team is Full

16 Royal - Team is Full

16 Black - Team is Full

15 Royal - Team is Full

15 Black - Team is Full

14 Royal - Team is Full

14 Black - Team is Full

14 Molten - 2-3 open positions for a middle, pin, or setter (no defensive positions open)

13 Royal - Team is Full

13 Black - 2 open positions for a middle, pin, or setter (no defensive positions open)

12 Royal - Team is full, but will consider 1 open position for the right fit.

12 Black - Will consider offering positions to make a 12U team.