Tournament Information

Skyline Juniors tournament participation is mandatory. Tournaments give athletes the chance to compete at higher levels, develop their court skills, and strengthen their knowledge of the game. They also give the athlete a chance to be seen by college scouts. Finally, the success of our team training depends upon all members of the team being present. 

Tournament agendas, lodging arrangements and other important travel information will be provided to each player as soon as the club directors have received the information from the tournament directors. We prefer to do most of our communication through e-mail and our website. We will post hotel and tournament information for each team on the website as soon as it is available. All tournament schedules will be finalized in early December.

2016-2017 Schedules are being finalized

TeamTeam Info
15 RoyalRoster      Schedule     Dues
14 Royal

Roster      Schedule     Dues

14 Black

Roster      Schedule     Dues

13 Royal

Roster      Schedule     Dues

12 Royal
Roster      Schedule     Dues
11 Royal
Roster      Schedule     Dues