We are working closely with USA Volleyball, the Lone Star Region, and the Skyline leadership to stay on top of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Skyline Protocols:

  • All athletes and spectators must wear a mask the entire time while in the gym.  This includes during play for athletes.  
  • All bags will be lined up and zipped up by team in numerical order approximately 6 feet apart.  This is where an athlete will have permission to lower their mask and where they are assigned a water break for no longer than one minute at a time.
  • Each team has been provided with hand sanitizer that all athletes/staff will use upon arrival to the gym, after water breaks, and at the completion of practice.
  • All Skyline athletes must compete in a mask even if the tournament allows a player to lower their mask while on the court competing.
  • All athletes must continue to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms outlined by the CDC Guidelines.

If you are exposed to Covid-19 you are to:

  • Contact a Director(s) immediately by phone and e-mail for further instructions.  
  • Fill out this form to help us with information we need from you.  The information submitted is confidential between you and the Director(s).
  • You must quarantine and wait a minimum of 4 days from the date of exposure to get a COVID-19 test and then notify your Director(s) of the results in writing by e-mail.  Upon receiving results your Director(s) will advise you what the next steps will be in terms of your return to play date.
  • You are not permitted to attend any Skyline event (practice, competition, lesson, clinic, camp, team function, club functions etc.) until you have been given permission to return to the gym by a Director(s).
  • Your Director(s) will handle each situation individually and privately with your family.

If you are Covid-19 positive you are to:

  • Contact a Director(s) immediately by phone and e-mail for further instructions.  
  • Your Director(s) will handle each situation privately and will notify the team of any further instructions necessary.

If an athlete travels outside of the country:

  • You are to quarantine for 7 days and must get approval from a director regarding return to play.

Contact Information

Jenny Luke, Director

Cell: 512.297.1456


Jenny Phillips, Assistant Director

Cell: 281.883.3396


Please refer to this page for the latest updated information: CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES

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