Club Policies
Drug and Alcohol Policy 
One of these two below procedures must take place if a player is in the possession of or involved with any type of illegal drugs or alcohol:

Option One: Go immediately to a clinic and have a drug test administered. 

Option Two: The police will be called to do a report. 

If the player(s) is found to be at fault, further action will take place depending on the severity of the issue. The player may be sent home from the event, dismissed for a period of time, or released from the team permanently (at the expense of his or her parent/guardian).

Prom Policy
We understand the importance of an event such as Prom; therefore, in the case of Prom falling on the weekend of a National Qualifying tournament and Regionals (only), we have implemented the following guidelines to allow SENIORS to attend their SENIOR Prom.

Each SENIOR will be allowed to attend their prom without punishment. 

They will need to be present the day prior and the day after the (main evening) Prom event. 

They will need to be present the day of the event until 12 noon (if the tournament is out of town) and 2:00pm (if the tournament is within the Lone Star Region).

It is not fair to a team that has devoted so many hours in practices only to be disqualified from a tournament or to not be given a chance to qualify for Nationals because a few players are gone. It is also not fair to those who are seeking college scholarship and must be seen by colleges.


National Team Dues 

Please notice, we have not included Airfare or hotel for the players into their dues (we have included coaches air travel). We will provide an Airline Package in November for the Skyline athletes. We are providing this airline package and encourage all athletes to travel under the arrangements of the club to ensure the arrival of the team as a whole; however, those that need to use alternative arrangements for flights may opt out of the airline package. Additional fees may occur due to circumstances out of our control such as airline cancellations, inclement weather situations, or if a team misses a flight for any reason (i.e. such as a match for qualifying at a tournament or playing in the finals).

Membership, Team Schedules, and Payment Plans

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  1. Strive to make decisions based on what is best for the athletes. 
  2. Train athletes to excel at higher levels of competition. 
  3. Integrate coaching strategies and techniques at each age level so players can take what they have learned and apply it throughout their volleyball careers. 
  4. Sustain a coaching philosophy throughout the club based on positive reinforcement, encouragement, and motivation. 
  5. Provide year-round training programs. 
  6. Number of teams will not exceed number of quality coaches available. 
  7. Advise and mentor our athletes in order to timely and effectively market them to college volleyball programs. 

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The mission of Skyline Juniors is to be one of the highest quality clubs in the nation that will go the extra mile to develop and showcase our athletes. We will constantly strive to enable both our players and our coaches to reach their full potential.

Austin Skyline Juniors Usav Junior Volleyball




Austin Skyline Junior’s volleyball is a major investment in your child's life. Perhaps the most satisfying is to see your child play for the college or university of their choice. No junior’s club program is complete without informing both players and parents about the important topic of scholarships and college recruiting. 

College Recruiting Experience 
Our coaching staff has extensive experience with college recruiting at every level of college athletics, from NCAA Division I, II, and III and NAIA to Junior College, and our coaches that have worked at the college level have been active recruiters themselves. As a result, we not only know effective ways to market Skyline athletes and the pitfalls players and parents should avoid, but we’ve also developed an extensive network of relationships with top college coaches in the country. 

Recruiting Workshops 
Skyline offers Recruiting Workshops for both players and parents that cover the helpful ways to navigate in a timely fashion paired with effective communication with colleges and universities. Topics covered include different ways parents may videotape matches and how to construct recruiting video. We set aside time to video athletes’ skills and design proper introductions for these tapes, and provide examples of various ways athletes can set up their profiles to make them appealing to college coaches. We recommend the recruiting workshop for all Skyline athletes regardless of the sport they may pursue in college. In addition to the workshops, our recruiting coordinators hold individual and group meetings throughout the season for further help and instruction beginning mid-season of the 14's age group. 

Online Recruiting Database 
Skyline has a one-of-a-kind recruiting database. The database is organized to collect important information about each athlete and may be used as each athlete’s online Contact Management Software for college coaches. Included behind the athletes’ personal login are recruiting timelines, college comparison spreadsheets, articles on “Visits to Colleges,” templates for letters to college coaches, sample emails to colleges, and a comprehensive college search engine. Our program also allows our coaches and staff to download each athlete’s information court-side from their PDA. These features and the database constitute an exceptionally powerful recruiting program that is unique to Skyline. No other club can boast comparable programs. 

Online Videos & Media Pages 
On every athlete’s profile page, we have room for up to three videos you may link from your profile page. In addition, you can include PDF or other file formats to provide college coaches additional information like newspaper articles. Our emails that we send out to college coaches will include these links in the email so they can easily click on the video of their choice.

Online Profile Pages 
Each year, Skyline develops on-line media guides for the 16's, 17's, and 18's age groups in Dallas.  Austin will provide similar guides to include information about each player such as awards, accomplishments, playing experience, vertical jump, a personal section, and the athlete's plans for her athletic career. The profile page from the Media guide will be posted on our website enabling each player to send it to the college coaches of their choice via email or by letter. 

Position Practices 
We hold dedicated position practices for all Skyline athletes on teams 12s – 18s. Our top Skyline staff and coaches will run this training along with their team coaches. Positional practices will consist anywhere between 2-2.5 hours.

Year-Round Training 
When the club season is over, Skyline is in the gym 4-5 days a week offering the top training. So much improvement takes place in the five months between club seasons. It is vital to the athlete’s development to be in an organization that offers year-round training. We also believe in breaks in the schedule and will provide a systematic approach to stay healthy both mentally and physically.  We believe in providing expert advisors concentrating on the mental aspect of competitive sports as well as strength and conditioning specialist. 

Team Bonding and Training
In order to facilitate team cohesion and purpose, Skyline coaches organize specialized team bonding activities.

Dedicated Setter Training
Additional time and space is set aside for setters to get extra reps and instructions. We will lead video review and class room instruction for our setters to better their decision making and mental aspects of setting the game. 

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jon Luke

In the North location of Austin we have an excellent partnership with The HIT Center Austin. HIT Center Austin is a training center rooted in the science of human performance.
Hit trains the most diverse group of clientele in Austin, including elite athletes, young athletes, and adults of all fitness levels. HIT Center Austin develops, implements, and monitors training programs for pursuing athletic development. The coaches are degree-certified, trained in kinesiology labs and university weight rooms.

Mental Training

Sports psychology is the process of learning how to compete in a way that enables an athlete to get the best performance out of what they have that day. Anyone can perform when the stars are aligned and everything seems to be going your way. However most competitive experiences don’t go that smoothly. Thus, the mental game (i.e. Sports Psychology) is about learning to handle adversity by controlling your attitude, where you focus your attention, and the actions that you choose to take. Sports psychology will teach you how to invest your entire self into your performance in a way that sets aside any concern for the potential consequences, thus enhancing your odds for success.  

2016-2017 Austin Skyline National Qualifier Season in Review

Girls Junior National Championships
13 Royal 5th Place Finish, Open Division

Big South National Qualifier
15 Royal 29th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Royal 11th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Black 2nd Place Finish, American Division
13 Royal 3rd Place Finish, American Division
12 Royal 7th Place Finish, National Division

Lone Star Classic National Qualifier
15 Royal 20th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Royal 16th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Black 5th Place Finish, American Division
13 Royal 7th Place Finish, Open Division
12 Royal 9th Place Finish, National Division

Northern Lights National Qualifier
15 Royal 9th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Royal 14th Place Finish, Open Division
14 Black 3rd Place Finish, American Division
13 Royal 1st Place Finish, Open Division

Colorado Crossroads National Qualifier
12 Royal 13th Place Finish, National Division

  • 2019 Austin Skyline 16 Royal is Pre-Qualified for the Tour of Texas
  • 2019 Austin Skyline 17 Royal is Pre-Qualified for the Tour of Texas
  • 2019 Austin Skyline 18 Royal is Pre-Qualified for the Tour of Texas
  • 2019 Austin Skyline 13 Royal qualifies for the Tour of Texas by earning 1st place at the Houston Qualifier.
  • 2019 Austin Skyline 13 Black earns a 2nd place medal only dropping one match in the finals in their first tournament of the year.
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 15 Royal qualifies for Nationals in the American Division.
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 15 Black qualifies for Nationals in the American Division.
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 12 Royal finished 3rd in Open at Windy City National Qualifier in Chicago
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 14 Royal finished 3rd in Open at Windy City National Qualifier in Chicago
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 14 Black finished 5th in American at Windy City National Qualifier in Chicago
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 14 Royal finished 3rd in Open at Disney Showcase National Qualifier in Orlando
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 14 Royal is ranked #1 in the Lone Star Region
  • 2018 Austin Skyline 16 Royal finished 3rd at Disney Showcase National Qualifier in Orlando
  • 2017 Austin Skyline 12 & 13 Royal qualified for the Tour of Texas in Division I
  • 2017 Austin Skyline 12 Royal is ranked 11th in the Region 
  • 2017 Austin Skyline 13 Royal is ranked 1st in the Region and 7th in the Nation out of 1,678 teams.
  • 2017 Austin Skyline 14 Black is ranked 14th in the Region
  • 2017 Austin Skyline 14 Royal is ranked 25th in the Region
  • 2013 & 2014 National Champions
  • National Champions of USA Volleyball 16 USA Nationals 
  • Runner Up of USA Volleyball Girls National Championships for Skyline 11 Royal 
  • #2 Club in the State of Texas by
  • The only club in the NATION to qualify teams in the highest division of USA Championships in every age group the past 6 years – 2009-2015 (2016 stats coming)
  • Skyline Qualified 18 teams for USA Volleyball Championships in 2015, more than any other club in the nation (12 in Dallas, 6 in Houston) 
  • Three (3) Skyline Teams Medaled at Nationals in 2015
  • Seven (7) Skyline teams Finished Top 15 in the Nation in 2015
  • 222 Skyline athletes have committed on to play volleyball at the collegiate level
  • Five Skyline former athletes represented USA on National Teams
  • Skyline won 22 Tournaments in 2015
  • Skyline Teams played in the Finals 42 times
  • 76 Top 5 finishes at tournanments
  • Six (6) different Skyline Teams Won Qualifiers in 2015! 
  • Head Coaches for National Teams have been with Skyline an average of 9.2 years

Coaches are selected based on their playing experience, knowledge of the game, coaching capability, enthusiasm, and temperament, and have passed an extensive background screening. One main quality that we look for in our coaches is a belief in coaching by encouragement rather than intimidation. We believe the success of our club is only as good as the development of our coaches. All of our coaches are IMPACT certified, and many have CAP certifications. All coaches regularly participate in on-the-court training during clinics, camps, and other coaches’ training events. 

Each coach’s main objective is to provide our athletes with as much quality individual and team training as possible in a positive and encouraging learning environment. They are required to plan and organize their team's individual practice sessions, administer instruction at tournaments, and develop the composition and organization of the team. Our coaches strive to be excellent role models for the players and all others with whom they may come into contact. The staff of Skyline Juniors will provide all the administration for tournaments, travel, and finances within the club so our coaches can concentrate on coaching and their own professional growth.