Jenny Phillips

Assistant Director & College Recruiting Coordinator

Jenny is going into her 5th season as the Assistant Director for Austin Skyline Juniors and has 10+ years of coaching experience at the USAV club clevel, as well as 6+ years of collegiate coaching experience. Learn more about Jenny.

Coaches are selected based on their experience, knowledge of the game, coaching capability, enthusiasm, and temperament, and have passed an extensive background screening. One main quality that we look for in our coaches is a belief in coaching by encouragement rather than intimidation and that they buy into our mission while impacting each player with the "whole human" approach. We believe the success of our club is only as good as the development of our coaches. All of our coaches are IMPACT certified, and many have CAP certifications. All coaches regularly participate in on-the-court training during clinics, camps, and other coaches’ training events. The best clubs in the country require their coaches to teach the same language, techniques, plays and culture from the time that they enter the club until they leave for college. Austin Skyline ascribes to this philosophy and has a coaching structure in place to help implement it. 

Capturing the Season

Training Experience

The Austin Skyline Leadership Council was formed in 2019 with the mindset to enrich the experience of tomorrow's leaders.  Skyline believes in fostering growth and the council is one way to help those who are committed have a growth mindset and lead where their feet are.  The goals for the council are to:


  • Ensure high standards and strong work ethic on and off the volleyball court. 
  • Represent Skyline at all times in a professional manner year-round. 
  • Building team chemistry and inspiring camaraderie between players. 
  • Set the emotion and mental tone for the club, while inspiring others to rise to the Skyline standards. 
  • Act as the liaison between the team and the coaches. 
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and always communicate honestly, maturely and professionally.  
  • Talk with struggling teammates, plan team activities, and seek council when team issues arise. 
  • Find ways to help their team succeed under pressure and adversity. 

Each coach’s main objective is to provide our athletes with as much quality individual and team training as possible in a positive and encouraging learning environment. They are required to plan and organize their team's individual practice sessions, administer instruction at tournaments, and develop the composition and organization of the team. Our coaches strive to be excellent role models for the players and all others with whom they may come into contact. The staff of Skyline Juniors will provide all the administration for tournaments, travel, and finances within the club so our coaches can concentrate on coaching and their own professional growth.

Austin Skyline has a dedicated club photographer, Eric Weigand, who travels with the club to capture the season.  Included in the Skyline dues are profile headshots, team photos, all access to tournament photos, as well as any videos Eric produces.  It's just one more way of going the extra mile for our Skyline family.

Coaching Philosophy

Meet our Staff

Rachael Sunder

Leadership Council

Rachael is going into her 4th season with Austin Skyline Juniors and is head of the Leadership Council. Learn more about Rachael Sunder

Jenny Luke

Director & College Recruiting Coordinator

Jenny is going into her 5th season as Director for Austin Skyline Juniors and has 20+ years of coaching experience at the USAV club coaching level. Learn more about Jenny.

Leadership Council

Coaching Expectations

We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on teaching the game of volleyball, with a "whole human" approach. We understand the ties that are formed in team sports, and we're dedicated to being one of the best clubs in the nation. We believe this starts with our staff having the same vision, commitment, and cohesion in our training style and techniques that will allow us to do so.

Position Practices 
We hold dedicated position practices for all Skyline athletes on teams 12s – 18s. Our top Skyline staff and coaches will run this training along with their team coaches. Positional practices will consist anywhere between 2-2.5 hours and for each position: Pins, Middles, Liberos, Setters.

Year-Round Training 
When the club season is over, Skyline is in the gym 4-5 days a week offering the top training. So much improvement takes place in the five months between club seasons. It is vital to the athlete’s development to be in an organization that offers year-round training. We also believe in breaks in the schedule and will provide a systematic approach to stay healthy both mentally and physically.  We believe in providing expert advisors concentrating on the mental aspect of competitive sports as well as strength and conditioning specialist. 

Team Bonding and Training
In order to facilitate team cohesion and purpose, Skyline coaches organize specialized team bonding activities.

Dedicated Setter Training
Additional time and space is set aside for setters to get extra reps and instructions. This time is typically 45 min of training prior to one practice per week.

Strength & Performance Coach

Jon Luke will lead all sessions during positional training.